Paul Ossewold

Paul Ossewold

Digital Advisor

The sole purpose of existence of any company is to add value. Value that a customer is willing to pay for.
My value proposition is simple: together we look how to add value to your company by going digital. Helping with “How to go digital?” and “Which concrete steps to take?” are my strengths. The changes for your people (culture), processes (digitalization) and technology (make a real impact with your future digital value propositions) are my challenge, as they are yours. Let’s get in touch and add that value.

I will inspire you and your audience with my stories, together with your teams we’ll create the plan for digital change and increase the added value for your customers as they always come first.

I am a business driven, passionate, innovative bridge builder, with a clear IT-business vision and proven track record as change manager. Someone who knows that culture is as important as technology, that silos must be overcome in a modern business, that good IT projects are always based on the right balance between price, speed and quality. Someone who is not afraid to express himself, but who’s views are based on all available facts.

Because I know that data is important for every digital transformation, that measuring and knowing the customer-needs are important to the success of the company. Because I know the customer always comes first.

Let’s meet soon and talk about all possibilities over a cup of coffee. Waiting for your call.