• Digital Transformation Masterclass about the latest business-technology opportunities for you and your customers.
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I am your digital transformation guide.

Always wanted to know who does not belong to the group [AirBnB – Netflix – Uber – Tesla]? Wondering what a rocket has to do with your mission? Why a skateboard is better than a wheel? That there is a world of difference between 67 and 1.92 seconds? In short: Do you want to know how to really work on digital transformation?
Join me on this tour through the digital transformation landscape. I like to guide you through confusion, avoid the open doors, shake up the feeling you already do enough and inspire you to do even more.

I could be your digital transformation guide.

I am Paul Ossewold: a passionate, innovative, hands-on bridge builder, with a clear IT Business vision and proven track record as change manager and CIO. I am your guide in the world of digital transformation. I will show you that culture is as important as technology – that silos must be overcome in a modern business – that good IT projects are always based on the right balance between price, speed and quality. I am not afraid to express my thoughts and ask you challenging questions. But most of all I know that your customer always comes first, no compromise.

I am Paul Ossewold: I take every opportunity to help you delight your customer with innovative IT solutions based on solid IT architecture and well-embedded business processes. I will inspire you to change through my enthusiasm, commitment and passion.

Shall I be your digital transformation guide?

I help companies with their digital transformation, not from the usual technical perspective but from a more practical, organizational and strategic viewpoint: If you know you need to change, then How do you go about changing? Is there a formula, what model can you use? My presentations will inspire the audience to take that next step and plan their own business transformation.


Digital Transformation: Customer First – No Compromise

As a change manager and IT visionary I inspire your audience to find the practical way towards digital transformation: Where are you now, where do you want to be and how do you get there? All with one clear goal: “Customer First, No Compromise”.

Digital Transformation: A change of culture – A culture of change

As teacher, trainer, coach, entrepreneur and bridge builder I inspire your audience with the most important part of any transformation: the cultural change. “Work like a network, break down the silos” – should be part of any digital transformation program.

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