• As a change manager and IT visionary I help your business find the practical way towards digital transformation: Where are you now, where do you want to be and how do you get there?
  • A 5-day quick scan gives you insight in your current status and gives advice on the next steps.
  • In depth investigation is modular on technology, processes, change management or IT package and vendor choice, depending on the quick scan.
  • This offer is fixed price.

How do we achieve this?

  1. I work together with your small team of business and IT management.
  2. Through presentations, workshops, roundtables, brown paper sessions and interviews we’ll create a clear and practical path to a step-by-step transformation.
  3. We Focus on:
  • Linking business strategy, processes and IT landscape.
  • Where can we win the first and how do we measure?
  • What’s the long term plan? (regarding people – process – technology)
  • Which steps to take  – Create a program plan of technology changes.
  • Onboard the entire organization. How to achieve this?

Why do we create this plan?

  • A clear overall roadmap speeds up the change where needed the most.
  • Better alignment between business requirements and IT possibilities gives your business what’s needed most.
  • You’ll create more commitment from all parties involved: they’re all part of the program.
  • Investments in and timing of technology projects are clear for all (choose – not all can be done at the same time).
  • Where different implementation partners are involved you are in control of the change program.
  • Your customers will notice! – the right choices are made from the start.

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