• As a change manager and IT visionary I help your business find the practical way towards digital transformation: Where are you now, where do you want to be and how do you get there?
  • A 5-day quick scan gives you insight in your current status and gives advice on the next steps.
  • In depth investigation is modular on technology, processes, change management or IT package and vendor choice, depending on the quick scan.
  • This offer is fixed price.

How do we achieve this?

  1. I work together with your small team of business and IT management.
  2. Through presentations, workshops, roundtables, brown paper sessions and interviews we’ll create a clear and practical path to a step-by-step transformation.
  3. We Focus on:
  • Linking business strategy, processes and IT landscape.
  • Where can we win the first and how do we measure?
  • What’s the long term plan? (regarding people – process – technology)
  • Which steps to take  – Create a program plan of technology changes.
  • Onboard the entire organization. How to achieve this?

Why do we create this plan?

  • A clear overall roadmap speeds up the change where needed the most.
  • Better alignment between business requirements and IT possibilities gives your business what’s needed most.
  • You’ll create more commitment from all parties involved: they’re all part of the program.
  • Investments in and timing of technology projects are clear for all (choose – not all can be done at the same time).
  • Where different implementation partners are involved you are in control of the change program.
  • Your customers will notice! – the right choices are made from the start.

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“The digital transformation process is more than a change of systems – it is important to create support and enthusiasm among all employees.”

How can I help you to ignite that enthusiasm?

As teacher, trainer, coach, manager, entrepreneur and bridge builder I will help your organization with the most important part of any transformation – the cultural change.

“Work like a network, break down the silos”

With a team of your own “cultuurdragers” (agents of change) we lay the groundwork.
Presentations, workshops, roundtables, brown paper sessions and interviews empower your team to create a clear and practical culture program guide of a step-by-step transformation.

The focus will be on:

  1. How to learn and teach new technology, how to keep up-to-date?
  2. How to collaborate beyond departments?
  3. How to communicate changes and celebrate the results?
  4. How to empower your team and “cherish the champions”?
  5. How to embed the cultural change in every project from now on?

It’s all about collaborating, sharing, teaching and learning from each other. I will help your organization to get more out of each IT investment within your digital transformation plan. But more importantly: your customers will notice the new wave of change through your most valuable asset – your employees.

I look forward to meeting you and telling you more.

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  • Digital Transformation Masterclass about the latest business-technology opportunities for you and your customers.
  • For your Board, your team, on your seminar or customer event.
  • Fixed price for presentation package (create, prepare and present)
  • Extra time at event at reasonable hourly rate.


I am your digital transformation guide.

Always wanted to know who does not belong to the group [AirBnB – Netflix – Uber – Tesla]? Wondering what a rocket has to do with your mission? Why a skateboard is better than a wheel? That there is a world of difference between 67 and 1.92 seconds? In short: Do you want to know how to really work on digital transformation?
Join me on this tour through the digital transformation landscape. I like to guide you through confusion, avoid the open doors, shake up the feeling you already do enough and inspire you to do even more.

I could be your digital transformation guide.

I am Paul Ossewold: a passionate, innovative, hands-on bridge builder, with a clear IT Business vision and proven track record as change manager and CIO. I am your guide in the world of digital transformation. I will show you that culture is as important as technology – that silos must be overcome in a modern business – that good IT projects are always based on the right balance between price, speed and quality. I am not afraid to express my thoughts and ask you challenging questions. But most of all I know that your customer always comes first, no compromise.

I am Paul Ossewold: I take every opportunity to help you delight your customer with innovative IT solutions based on solid IT architecture and well-embedded business processes. I will inspire you to change through my enthusiasm, commitment and passion.

Shall I be your digital transformation guide?

I help companies with their digital transformation, not from the usual technical perspective but from a more practical, organizational and strategic viewpoint: If you know you need to change, then How do you go about changing? Is there a formula, what model can you use? My presentations will inspire the audience to take that next step and plan their own business transformation.


Digital Transformation: Customer First – No Compromise

As a change manager and IT visionary I inspire your audience to find the practical way towards digital transformation: Where are you now, where do you want to be and how do you get there? All with one clear goal: “Customer First, No Compromise”.

Digital Transformation: A change of culture – A culture of change

As teacher, trainer, coach, entrepreneur and bridge builder I inspire your audience with the most important part of any transformation: the cultural change. “Work like a network, break down the silos” – should be part of any digital transformation program.

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  • As a former VP Digital Ops and IT manager I can help you in an interim capacity so we can ignite the digital potential of your business together.
  • For any full time or part time interim position to (re-)ignite your Digital Transformation through Business – IT Management, IT Team Management, Change Management and/or Program Management.
  • CV available upon request.
  • Fixed hourly rate, VAT (BTW) excl.
  • Other expenses negotiable

Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you asap.

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