Deep Transformation #1 – Shape your vision

Deep Transformation #1 – Shape your vision

You have a clear vision for your future, inspired by and based on what’s happening in the world around you.

“Your dream becomes a goal, when you write it down”,

I saw this written on a wall the other day. I thought it was beautiful and appropriate. Thinking about the next steps in the IT change process is a constant part of your role, right?

How will you shape the IT-Business vision, what will be your focus for the near future and where should it all lead to? Do you already have a clearly summarized A4 with a vision that helps with the budget and provides a nice basis for the next phase of your digital transformation?

You acquire inspiration at seminars, through workshops and by exchanging ideas with the specialists of your team and the occasional colleague IT manager during a customer session at an IT supplier. But something is gnawing. With whom can you talk about the execution of your responsibilities? Who guides you in that journey to that clear IT vision that the business asks for? Who helps you look at your own role, to set your goals even more precise?

For your specialists, you hire help from other specialists at such a time, that goes without saying. But as generalist and director of change do you hire help as well? No? Why not?

If there would be someone who has been there before, who can help you focus and get a clear vision; who can help you approach things from a different angle; who will challenge you to go one step further, that would help you be an even more successful IT Manager, right?

Does that possibility exist?

Yes, it’s called OaaS:

Ossewold as a Service.

In three steps:
1. Buy a Digital Advice Retainer Agreement (for 5, 10 or 15 days). (In the Netherlands we would call this a “Strippenkaart”)
2. Plan a free intake talk.
3. Book me for whole or half days when it suits you.

You pay for the retainer agreement in advance and it’s valid for 2 years so that we meet whenever you need help, to accelerate your own digital transformation as IT Manager, just like your team of specialists does by hiring expertise.

As a former IT Manager and now a digital advisor I visit many companies, I see many examples of how things can and should be done. But I also see how difficult it often is and the relative loneliness of the IT Manager as responsible for digital transformation. That loneliness is not necessary at all, in my opinion. You too have the right to increase knowledge by like-minded generalists.

Send me a message and we’ll talk soon.