Deep Transformation #4 – Share your vision with your people

Deep Transformation #4 – Share your vision with your people

Both bottom up and top down you share your digital vision to inspire and learn from each other and have easy means to do so.

Share your vision! When you know where you want to go with your digital transformation, only then the real work starts. For every IT Manager the challenge is usually not in the actual execution of project activities. There are good specialists in your team or with your IT partners. It is much more about persuading, enthusing, guiding, explaining, defending, showing, making understandable, motivating, taking along, inspiring, etc. etc. In short, how do you tell the story of the digital journey? How do you involve the management, as well as colleagues in the department? How do you picture the journey ahead to co-managers, to everyone within the company who has to become part of the change?

Once upon a time … there was an IT Manager on a quest for digital transformation.

I always experience this as the greatest pleasure of a change manager: becoming better every time at telling the digital story, in such a way that the target listener of that moment experiences the journey with you, becomes enthusiastic about it, wants to be part of it and play their role.

Unfortunately the competence of storytelling does not come naturally to most IT Managers. Selling your plans by telling a story does not really belong to a technically driven job, does it?

Nevertheless, the successful IT Manager will only be able to successfully complete the digital transformation, if others understand the vision, the road ahead and share it and make it their own.

So how do you learn to tell stories, in all kinds of forms: the elevator pitch, the extensive presentation, in pictures, in quotes, thematically approached, as a warning for the future, as a splendid image of that future and its digital possibilities?

You can learn a lot from the marketing department.

How does marketing successfully market a product? When will you be tempted to purchase or use a product or service? Certainly not by praising all technical parts of the product, not by showing all the bells and whistles or telling how fantastic the product is. Rather by telling the story that appeals to the recipient: The story of the why, the story of “What’s in it for me?”, The story of the opportunities and possibilities.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” from quote by Seth Godin. … IT can learn a lot from that.

What do you use to tell the story: Is it a PowerPoint with slides full of lists and poor animations or rather a travel report in image and sound? How often do you inform, do you share, do you tell and do you describe?

By the way: A great TEDx about 5 rules of any good PowerPoint can be found here.

Recently I saw a great example: an IT Manager from a reputable Belgian company in the entertainment and theme parks industry told the story of their digital transformation in the form of a fairy tale: full of heroes and baddies, full of magic and wise lessons, a difficult journey with beautiful end, just like a fairy tale and its quest.

And how are you going to tell the story, fitting your audience? What creativity do you use to tell your story? Not once, but the whole long digital journey, every time. Always slightly different, but always guided by your vision, your goal. I am convinced it is the only way to achieve your goal of digital transformation.

I will gladly help you with your story.


This can be done via OaaS:

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As a former IT Manager and now a digital advisor I visit many companies, I see many examples of how things can and should be done. But I also see how difficult it often is. I see the relative loneliness of the IT Manager as responsible for digital transformation. That loneliness is not necessary at all, in my opinion. You too have the right to increase your knowledge by like-minded generalists.

Send me a message and we’ll talk soon.


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