Deep Transformation #3 – Proceed through metrics

Deep Transformation #3 – Proceed through metrics

You measure your digital success through SMART KPI’s, so you know exactly what’s going on and where to take it from here.

Every company, every organization wants to be more data-driven. I see this all around me. It surprises me quite a bit, that IT departments deliver the tooling and often the manpower, but hardly pick up the gauntlet themselves to become more data-driven. As a result, they often do not understand what it means for colleagues of other departments who want to do more with data.

The success of digital transformation depends on the extent to which existing and new data is combined to know more about your customer, your product and the success of your changes. Why not start in the IT department? That knowledge can be used in the business and every IT person understands the possibilities of data. After all, a successful digital company is a data-driven company.

Why don’t we turn the IT department into a testing ground with clear goals: measuring its own success with resources that business wants to have or already use. Use the same CRM system for incident registration and customer registration. Use NPS scores for the internal client. Get clear insight into IT financials. Measure visits to info pages and IT knowledge sources, etc.

Everything on clear dashboards, preferably as publicly as possible, therefore visible to everyone.

You can start small, with data that you already have. Make it visible to everyone with resources that your customers / business will (want to) use.

Put colleagues with various expertise together (network, workplace and application specialists) to make the data of the successful IT transformation transparent. This helps group thinking through collaboration with a focused goal: a data-driven IT department.

The organization will certainly enjoy this!

“If you aren’t measuring the right things to begin with, you’re not going to get better results by measuring them more accurately.”
from the book “Extreme Trust” by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.

Also in new IT projects ALWAYS determine the success factors from the start. Measure them and make them visible. Too often IT related projects fail and it is said that “the culture” is to blame. But success of adoption and use of the new solution isn’t measured in the meantime. With agile projects that’s a lot easier by the way, than with traditional waterfall projects, but that’s a topic for another time.

Challenging? It sure is!

And if you need support as an IT leader, you can also call on OaaS for this:

Ossewold as a Service.

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1. Buy a Digital Advice Retainer Agreement (for 5, 10 or 15 days). (In the Netherlands we would call this a “Strippenkaart”)
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You pay for the retainer agreement in advance and it’s valid for 2 years so that we meet whenever you need help, to accelerate your own digital transformation as IT Manager, just like your team of specialists does by hiring expertise.

As a former IT Manager and now a digital advisor I visit many companies, I see many examples of how things can and should be done. But I also see how difficult it often is. I see the relative loneliness of the IT Manager as responsible for digital transformation. That loneliness is not necessary at all, in my opinion. You too have the right to increase your knowledge by like-minded generalists.

Send me a message and we’ll talk soon.


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